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Additional file 3 of Genomic tools development for Aquilegia: construction of a BAC-based physical map

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posted on 2021-04-16, 11:35 authored by Guang-Chen Fang, Barbara P Blackmon, David C Henry, Margaret E Staton, Christopher A Saski, Scott A Hodges, Jeff P Tomkins, Hong Luo
Additional file 3:Spread sheet of the detail sequence information of the overgo probes used in this study. The probes with the nomenclature of Aq_SR_ctg and AHOTEg were derived from drought stress ESTs, while the TC probes were from a list of genes potentially involved in anthocyanin biosynthesis or floral development. To generate the probes, marker sequences were processed through a pipeline composed of RepeatMasker, Cross-Match and Tandem Repeat Finder to remove low complex sequence regions before screening for overgo oligomers by OligoSpawn. (XLS 64 KB)


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