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Additional file 3: Table S2. of Chromosome contacts in activated T cells identify autoimmune disease candidate genes

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posted on 04.09.2017, 05:00 by Oliver Burren, Arcadio Rubio GarcĂ­a, Biola-Maria Javierre, Daniel Rainbow, Jonathan Cairns, Nicholas Cooper, John Lambourne, Ellen Schofield, Xaquin Castro Dopico, Ricardo Ferreira, Richard Coulson, Frances Burden, Sophia Rowlston, Kate Downes, Steven Wingett, Mattia Frontini, Willem Ouwehand, Peter Fraser, Mikhail Spivakov, John Todd, Linda Wicker, Antony Cutler, Chris Wallace
Results of differential expression analysis on RNA-seq data. Features are defined in the GTF file in Additional file 11: Table S8a. (GZ 835 kb)