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Additional file 34: of Staphylococci phages display vast genomic diversity and evolutionary relationships

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posted on 09.05.2019, 05:00 by Hugo Oliveira, Marta Sampaio, Luís Melo, Oscar Dias, Welkin Pope, Graham Hatfull, Joana Azeredo
Integrases, attB sites and virulence genes. The dataset includes all cluster B staphylococcal siphoviruses (n = 132), for which five integrases types, five attB sites and 13 virulence factors were identified. The integrases were identified through Phamerator and BLASTP. The attB site was found through BLASTP using best host species hit similar to the one originally used to isolate the phage. The virulence genes were retrieved from Additional file 2 and re-organized. (XLSX 72 kb)


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