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Additional file 2 of The origins and genomic diversity of American Civil War Era smallpox vaccine strains

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posted on 20.07.2020, 04:05 authored by Ana T. Duggan, Jennifer Klunk, Ashleigh F. Porter, Anna N. Dhody, Robert Hicks, Geoffrey L. Smith, Margaret Humphreys, Andrea M. McCollum, Whitni B. Davidson, Kimberly Wilkins, Yu Li, Amanda Burke, Hanna Polasky, Lowell Flanders, Debi Poinar, Amogelang R. Raphenya, Tammy T. Y. Lau, Brian Alcock, Andrew G. McArthur, G. Brian Golding, Edward C. Holmes, Hendrik N. Poinar
Additional file 2: Table S1. Details of the libraries generated from the Mütter Museum vaccination kits and vaccinia virus mapping statistics.


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