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Additional file 2 of Large-scale manipulation of promoter DNA methylation reveals context-specific transcriptional responses and stability

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posted on 2022-07-27, 07:00 authored by Alex de Mendoza, Trung Viet Nguyen, Ethan Ford, Daniel Poppe, Sam Buckberry, Jahnvi Pflueger, Matthew R. Grimmer, Sabine Stolzenburg, Ozren Bogdanovic, Alicia Oshlack, Peggy J. Farnham, Pilar Blancafort, Ryan Lister
Additional file 2: Supplementary Table S1: WGBS stats, S2: Promoter DMRs, S3: Alternative TSS in ZF-D3A-wt, and S4: Alternative TSS in ZF-D3A-mut.


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