Additional file 2: of Gene co-expression networks in liver and muscle transcriptome reveal sex-specific gene expression in lambs fed with a mix of essential oils

Table S2. Liver Male_Module36. Significant GO terms pathways by ClueGO enrichment analysis (FDR < 0.05). Information contained in the table are significant GO-ID, GO term accession number (e.g. GO:0004857); GOTerm, name of GO term (e.g. enzyme inhibitor activity); Ontology source, ontology vocabularies or Kyoto Encyclopaedia of Genes and Genomes (e.g. GO_MolecularFunction); FDR, False Discovery Rate after Benjamini-Hochberg correction (e.g. 47,0E-3); % Associated Genes, the percentage of input genes found per term (e.g. 4,65); Nr. Genes, number of input genes found per term (e.g. 4,00); Associated Genes Found, associated name of genes found per term (e.g. [DUS2, GLMN, HRG, OAZ2]). (XLS 28 kb)