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Additional file 2: of Functional variation in allelic methylomes underscores a strong genetic contribution and reveals novel epigenetic alterations in the human epigenome

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posted on 10.03.2017, 05:00 authored by Warren Cheung, Xiaojian Shao, Andréanne Morin, Valérie Siroux, Tony Kwan, Bing Ge, Dylan Aïssi, Lu Chen, Louella Vasquez, Fiona Allum, Frédéric Guénard, Emmanuelle Bouzigon, Marie-Michelle Simon, Elodie Boulier, Adriana Redensek, Stephen Watt, Avik Datta, Laura Clarke, Paul Flicek, Daniel Mead, Dirk Paul, Stephan Beck, Guillaume Bourque, Mark Lathrop, André Tchernof, Marie-Claude Vohl, Florence Demenais, Isabelle Pin, Kate Downes, Hendrick Stunnenberg, Nicole Soranzo, Tomi Pastinen, Elin Grundberg
Summary of AS and NAS methylation tests on the 2.2 million CpGs tested across any of the datasets. This file contains a file of tab-separated values (.txt text file) with the following columns: (1) CpG chromosome, (2) CpG location, (3) corrected GIT p value, (4) corrected mQTL p value, (5) corrected ASM p value, (6) ChromHMM state. (ZIP 19804 kb)


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