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Additional file 2 of Characterization of metabolic responses, genetic variations, and microsatellite instability in ammonia-stressed CHO cells grown in fed-batch cultures

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posted on 2021-01-09, 04:26 authored by Dylan G. Chitwood, Qinghua Wang, Kathryn Elliott, Aiyana Bullock, Dwon Jordana, Zhigang Li, Cathy Wu, Sarah W. Harcum, Christopher A. Saski
Additional file 2: Supplemental Table S6. KEGG enrichment of variant genes that can be linked to genome instability. Supplemental Table S7. Statistically significant Biological Process GO terms of variant genes. Supplemental Table S8. Statistically significant Molecular Function GO terms of variant genes. Supplemental Table S9. Statistically significant Cellular Component GO terms of variant genes. Supplemental Table S10. Complete list of microsatelites found in the Chinese hamster genome. Supplemental Table S11. Microsatellites containing insertion and or deletion mutations. Supplemental Table S12. Indel loci with higher mutation frequencies in 30 mM ammonia-stressed cultures. Supplemental Table S13. Indel loci from table S12 where mutation frequency is higher in the 10 mM samples compared to the control. Supplemental Table S14. The intersection of dose-dependent indels (Table S13) and genome-wide microsatellites (S10). Supplemental Table S15. The 124 candidate microsatelite loci that exhibited dose-dependent variation in response to ammonia stress.


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