Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Functional characterization of Plasmodium berghei PSOP25 during ookinete development and as a malaria transmission-blocking vaccine candidate

Predicted B cell epitopes of the PSOP25 protein ( ). Below is the protein domain architecture of PSOP25 with signal peptide highlighted in red, low complexity in pink, and transmembrane region in blue. Figure S2. The isotype of anti-rPSOP25 mAb was identified by ELISA using by the SBA Clonotyping™ System-HRP. The data represent two separate experiments. Error bar shows mean + standard deviation. Figure S3. Western blot analysis of P. berghei ookinete lysates with anti-rPSOP25 sera (PolyAb) and anti-rPSOP25 mAb. Lysates were subjected to electrophoresis under non-reducing conditions by SDS-PAGE. Pbs21 mAb was used as positive control; a control mouse serum (PBS) was used as negative control. (ZIP 2413 kb)