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Additional file 1: of Range-wide genetic analysis of Dermacentor variabilis and its Francisella-like endosymbionts demonstrates phylogeographic concordance between both taxa

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posted on 2018-05-18, 05:00 authored by Emily Kaufman, Nathan Stone, Glen Scoles, Crystal Hepp, Joseph Busch, David Wagner
Table S1. Dermacentor variabilis (n = 1053) were obtained from 31 states and provinces. We included a subset (n = 491), which represents all D. variabilis that produced data for ≥ 1 analysis (cox1 phylogeny, 16S phylogeny, Francisella-like endosymbiont detection and 16S phylogeny, Rickettsia spp. detection and OmpA phylogeny, and Coxiella burnetii detection). A subset were sequenced at cox1 (cox1 D.v. , n = 332), and/or 16S (16S D.v. , n = 32). We also include ticks that were positive and/or sequenced at three species targets: Francisella-like endosymbiont 16S (16SE, n = 257), Rickettsia OmpA ([R], n = 29), and C. burnetii ([C], n = 2). (XLSX 67 kb)


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