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Additional file 1: of Pancreatic cancer as a sentinel for hereditary cancer predisposition

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posted on 2018-06-27, 05:00 authored by Erin Young, Bryony Thompson, Deborah Neklason, Matthew Firpo, Theresa Werner, Russell Bell, Justin Berger, Alison Fraser, Amanda Gammon, Cathryn Koptiuch, Wendy Kohlmann, Leigh Neumayer, David Goldgar, Sean Mulvihill, Lisa Cannon-Albright, Sean Tavtigian
Table S1. contains the list of the genes used in the study, as well as indicators for which pathway they belong to in subsequent analyses. Table S2. is the list of rare variants with corresponding in silico scores. Table S3. contains the total counts that were used to create Fig. 2. (XLSX 73 kb)


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