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Additional file 1: of Outcomes of 4 years of molecular genetic diagnosis on a panel of genes involved in premature aging syndromes, including laminopathies and related disorders

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posted on 12.12.2019, 12:13 by Maude Grelet, Véronique Blanck, Sabine Sigaudy, Nicole Philip, Fabienne Giuliano, Khaoula Khachnaoui, Godelieve Morel, Sarah Grotto, Julia Sophie, Céline Poirsier, James Lespinasse, Laurent Alric, Patrick Calvas, Gihane Chalhoub, Valérie Layet, Arnaud Molin, Cindy Colson, Luisa Marsili, Patrick Edery, Nicolas Lévy, Annachiara De Sandre-Giovannoli
Tables S1. Alphabetical list of genes included in the NGS panel “premature ageing syndromes and laminopathies”. AD: automal dominant; AR: autosomal recessive; Mi: mitochondrial; XLR: X linked recessive; XLD: X linked dominant; Smu: somatic mutation; IC: isolated cases. (XLSX 33 kb)