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Additional file 1: of Development of EMS-induced mutation population for amylose and resistant starch variation in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum) and identification of candidate genes responsible for amylose variation

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posted on 2016-10-06, 05:00 authored by Ankita Mishra, Anuradha Singh, Monica Sharma, Pankaj Kumar, Joy Roy
Evaluation of 1035 (M3) mutant lines for amylose variation using five-time diluted standard Iodine-Potassium Iodide (I2–KI) solution. Time taken to develop blue color was recorded using a digital electronic stopwatch, while color intensity was scored as zero for no color development, + for light blue color, and ++ for deep blue color. All the data was given as a mean of three seeds. (XLSX 58 kb)