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Additional file 1 of Development and validation of next generation sequencing based 35-gene hereditary cancer panel

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posted on 29.04.2020 by Wing Chan, Mianne Lee, Zhen Xuan Yeo, Dingge Ying, Keith A. Grimaldi, Craig Pickering, Michael M. S. Yang, Senthil K. Sundaram, Lawrence C. H. Tzang
Additional file 1: Table S1. Known associations between genes in the 35-gene hereditary cancer panel and caner type. Table S2. Prenetics hereditary cancer panel reportable range. Table S3. Quality control metrics. Table S4. Exonic coverage of 35 hereditary cancer genes based on a benchmark sequencing run with 43 samples. Table S5. Summary of Coriell samples (1000 Genome) used for assessment of SNV and indel detection. Table S6. Summary of 53 Coriell samples used for assessment of SNV and indel detection and interpretation. Table S7. Technically challenging variants in the present validation.