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Additional file 1: of Correspondence on Lovell et al.: identification of chicken genes previously assumed to be evolutionarily lost

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posted on 2017-06-14, 05:00 authored by Susanne Bornelรถv, Eyal Seroussi, Sara Yosefi, Ken Pendavis, Shane Burgess, Manfred Grabherr, Miriam Friedman-Einat, Leif Andersson
Overview of the RNA-Seq data and filtration of the novel gene candidates. Table S1. Information about the RNA-Seq data. Table S2. The initial set of 2810 candidate novel transcripts. Table S3. Annotation, characterization, and filtering of the novel transcripts. Table S4. The intermediate set of 1878 transcripts representing 1063 candidate novel genes. Table S5. The high-confidence set of 194 transcripts representing 191 novel genes. Table S6. The 191 novel genes not included in Galgal4; 54 of these are correctly annotated while 137 are missing or lack correct annotation in Galgal5. Table S7. Characterization of the novel genes according to predicted cellular localization. Table S8. Identification of the novel genes in Galgal5 genome assembly and by Mass-Spec analysis in adipose tissue. (XLS 2362 kb)


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