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Additional file 1 of Comparison of influenza surveillance systems in Australia, China, Malaysia and expert recommendations for influenza control

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posted on 26.09.2021, 03:17 authored by Clotilde El Guerche-Séblain, Thierry Rigoine De Fougerolles, Kim Sampson, Lance Jennings, Paul Van Buynder, Yuelong Shu, Zamberi Sekawi, Leo Yee-Sin, Tony Walls, Olivier Vitoux, J. Kevin Yin, Ada Wong, Francois Schellevis, Philippe Vanhems
Additional file 1. Influenza surveillance system overview in Australia, China and Malaysia. Overview and detailed assessment of each influenza surveillance sub-system across the 5 criteria and sub-criteria: 1. Non-medically attended community surveillance, 2. Virological surveillance, 3. Community surveillance, 4. Outbreak surveillance, 5. Primary care syndromic surveillance, 6. Hospital syndromic surveillance & 7. Mortality surveillance