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Additional file 1: of Comparative omics and feeding manipulations in chicken indicate a shift of the endocrine role of visceral fat towards reproduction

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posted on 2018-04-26, 05:00 authored by Susanne Bornelöv, Eyal Seroussi, Sara Yosefi, Sharon Benjamini, Shoval Miyara, Mark Ruzal, Manfred Grabherr, Nima Rafati, Anna-Maja Molin, Ken Pendavis, Shane Burgess, Leif Andersson, Miriam Friedman-Einat
RNA-seq. Data. Table S1. Information about the RNA sequencing. Table S2: Transcripts identified by RNA-seq in visceral fat of broiler and layer females at the onset of sexual maturation. Table S3 Enriched pathways obtained using Ingenuity software and the RNA-seq differential transcripts (FDR ≤ 0.05; absolute fold change ≥1.5). A. List of enriched pathways. B. Schematic presentation of the enriched pathways. C. Expression pattern of the differentially expressed transcripts (FDR ≤ 0.05; absolute fold change ≥1.5) implicated in the in the PTEN pathway. Excel Worksheet xlsm 3.1 MB. (XLSX 3193 kb)


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