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Additional file 1 of Clinical implications of circulating tumor DNA in predicting the outcome of diffuse large B cell lymphoma patients receiving first-line therapy

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posted on 2022-10-25, 08:28 authored by Miaomiao Li, Lan Mi, Chunyang Wang, Xiaojuan Wang, Jianhua Zhu, Fei Qi, Hui Yu, Yingying Ye, Dedao Wang, Jiaowu Cao, Dingyao Hu, Quanyu Yang, Dandan Zhao, Tonghui Ma, Yuqin Song, Jun Zhu
Additional file 1: Table S1. Gene list of Onco-LymScan panel. Table S2. Overview of patient characteristics. Table S3. Demographic of patient characteristics. Table S4. Sequencing quality data of tumor gDNA samples. Table S5. Sequencing quality data of cfDNA samples. Table S6. Univariate Cox proportional hazard regression survival analysis including pretreatment ctDNA levels and other clinical indices.


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