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Additional file 1 of An age and space structured SIR model describing the Covid-19 pandemic

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posted on 2020-08-09, 03:20 authored by Rinaldo M. Colombo, Mauro Garavello, Francesca Marcellini, Elena Rossi
Integration of (9)–(10) with κ = 0 $\kappa=0$ , κ as in (20) and 10 times κ as in (20). Integration of (9) with initial datum as in (10) and the parameters described above. The three integrations differ in the choice of κ, which is assigned the value 0, the values in (20) and 10 times this latter value. The file names are: kappa0.avi corresponding to κ = 0; kappa1.avi corresponding to κ as in (20) kappa2.avi corresponding to 10 times the value of κ in (20). kappa3.avi corresponding to 20 times the value of κ in (20). (ZIP 2.2 MB)


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