Additional file 1: Table S2. of Genome-wide analysis identifies gain and loss/change of function within the small multigenic insecticidal Albumin 1 family of Medicago truncatula

PA1 genes identified in the Medicago truncatula genome and features of the deduced proteins. A cluster of tandem duplication repeats is indicated by a vertical line in front of the gene names. AA, number of amino acids; MW, molecular mass in Dalton; pI, isoelectric point; SignalP 4.1 was used to predict the cleaving site of signal peptide; a EMBL ID of Pisum sativum; was used to determine the pi and MW values; In the absence of signal peptide cutoff prediction, the complete sequence is shown in Additional file 1: Table S1; ND indicates not determined. (XLSX 16 kb)