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Additional file 1: Table S1. of The impact and origin of copy number variations in the Oryza species

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posted on 2016-03-29, 05:00 authored by Zetao Bai, Jinfeng Chen, Yi Liao, Meijiao Wang, Rong Liu, Song Ge, Rod Wing, Mingsheng Chen
An overview of CNV events in each rice accession was presented. For each CNV event, we listed detailed information on its position, length, ancestral state, formation mechanism, allele frequency, and overlapped gene ID. For those 90 CNV events validated by PCR experiments, the primer sequences and the templates used were included. CNVs overlapping with previously published data were also indicated. The presence of each CNV event in rice accessions was listed separately. The functional annotation information for each CNV gene was displayed in a separate excel sheet. (XLSX 1293 kb)


the National Natural Science Foundation of China