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Additional file 10: of Regulatory and sequence evolution in response to selection for improved associative learning ability in Nasonia vitripennis

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posted on 2018-12-10, 05:00 authored by Ken Kraaijeveld, Vicencio Oostra, Maartje Liefting, Bregje Wertheim, Emile Meijer, Jacintha Ellers
Table S5. Evolved expression changes in response to selection for increased learning ability. Thirty-six transcripts, expressed from 34 loci, showed evidence of evolved expression regulation that was consistent across four replicate pairs of lines, as identified by three complementary methods (see Methods and Additional file 8). Transcripts are in order of increasing Fold Change, with high Fold Change indicating elevated expression in lines selected for increased learning ability. Table includes Fold Change per line pair, test statistics for edgeR, correlations with PC 6 and χ2 tests within line pairs, chromosomal positions of transcripts, and additional annotations from NCBI and WaspAtlas [43]. (XLSX 53 kb)