Additional file 10: Table S2. of Survey of cryptic unstable transcripts in yeast

2016-04-26T05:00:00Z (GMT) by Jessica Vera Robin Dowell
Divergent gene-CUT pairs enriched for metabolic process genes. A total of 698 divergent gene-CUT pairs were identified in S288c. The subset of genes in these gene-CUT pairs are enriched for various metabolic processing gene ontologies (GO). P-values are based on the hypergeometric test after Holm-Bonferroni correction using the default background from YeastMine . The total number of genes in each GO category is listed far right. Table S3. Strains used in this study. A table describing the genotype and mating type of strains used in this study. Table S4. Summary of RNA-seq Read Mapping Results. A table summarizing the read mapping results for each RNA-seq library used in this study. Reported values for total mapped reads corresponds to all uniquely mapped reads after rRNA read removal. Table S5. Fold change conversion to discrete values. The Matlab HMM Toolkit only accepts discrete emission values. Per nucleotide rrp6Δ/WT fold change values were converted to a discrete value according to the table above. Table S6. HMM emission probabilities. The HMM emission probability for each discrete rrp6Δ/WT RNA-seq fold change value (see Table S3) for states 1–10. Because states 2–10 have the same emission probabilities we only show a single iteration of these emission probabilities for simplification. Table S7. HMM transition probabilities. The HMM transition probabilities for states 1–10. Movement through the HM is unidirectional and only two transition probabilities exist for each state. (XLSX 19 kb)