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artifact-asymptotic-performance-and-energy-consumption-of-slack.zip (12.03 MB)

Artifact and instructions to generate experimental results for conference proceeding 2023 paper: Asymptotic Performance and Energy Consumption of SLACK

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conference contribution
posted on 2024-05-15, 12:57 authored by Redouane ELGHAZIRedouane ELGHAZI, Anne Benoit, Louis-Claude CanonLouis-Claude Canon, Pierre-Cyrille Héam

This artifact is concerned with all simulations and figures contained in the paper Asymptotic Performance and Energy Consumption of SLACK. 

The artifact consists in the implementation of the scheduling algorithms SLACK and LPT, generator functions for different workload, actual datasets, and the intermediate and final results for all simulations contained in the paper.

Any information related to how to execute the simulations is contained in the overview.pdf file.