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Artifact and instructions to generate experimental results for Euro-Par conference proceeding 2023 paper: DAG-based Efficient Parallel Scheduler for Blockchains: Hyperledger Sawtooth as a Case Study

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posted on 2024-05-15, 09:50 authored by Manaswini piduguralla, Saheli Chakraborty, Parwat Singh Anjana, sathya peri

This artifact contains the comprehensive case study, which has been published in Euro-Par 2023 conference proceedings under the title "DAG-based Efficient Parallel Scheduler for Blockchains: Hyperledger Sawtooth as a Case Study." The case study revolves around a modified version of the Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.2.6 blockchain node. This modified version introduces a DAG based parallel scheduler and a secure validator of the DAG, aimed at improving the efficiency and parallel processing capabilities of the blockchain network.

Two distinct implementations of a DAG-based scheduler: the linked list approach and the adjacency matrix approach are included. Both of these scheduler implementations have been thoughtfully integrated into the Hyperledger Sawtooth 1.2.6 framework. The purpose behind this integration is to leverage the advantages offered by DAG-based scheduling algorithms, which can significantly enhance the scalability and throughput of blockchain networks. To facilitate further exploration and understanding of the case study, this artifact also provides the essential input files required for reproducing the results discussed within the associated paper. Researchers and practitioners can effortlessly replicate the experiments and outcomes mentioned in the publication.

This artifact is provided in the form of a single .zip archive. A comprehensive overview document is included within the archive, offering detailed instructions for setting up and replicating the results.


Meity India: No.4(4)/2021-ITEA & 4(20)/2019-ITEA. This is part of the National (Indian) Blockchain Framework Project.


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