Multi-regional input-output databases for Australia for the period 2008-2015

These data comprise a harmonised time series of balanced sub-national, multi-regional supply-use tables (MR-SUT) for Australia for the period 2008-2015, integrated with a set of socioeconomic and environmental accounts. MR-SUTs are accompanied by standard deviation estimates, including employment and land and water satellite accounts.

Four MR-SUTs are provided, each aggregated according to different regional maps. These regional breakdowns and their corresponding filenames within the dataset are as follows:

Australia's eight states and territories -

Population density zones -

Main river catchments -

Zones of annual average rainfall -

Each of these zip archives contains the following files:

1. Numerical results files for the multi-regional input-output tables, including satellite blocks.

2. Files containing the labels for each numerical results file.

3. Heat maps of the basic price sheet for each year of the time series.

4. An information sheet with further details of the file structure and file naming conventions used.