MOESM9 of Transcriptomic profiling and genetic analyses reveal novel key regulators of cellulase and xylanase gene expression in Penicillium oxalicum

Additional file 9: Figure S5. Confirmation analysis of the complementary strains. Targeted complementary genes including PoxCxrA, PoxCxrB and PoxNsdD were amplified using primer pairs CxrA-CDS-F/CxrA-CDS-R, CxrB-CDS-F/CxrB-CDS-R and NsdD-CDS-F/NsdD-CDS-R. Bleomycin resistance gene was amplified using primer pair Ble-F/Ble-R. M, 1-kb DNA marker; lane 1, complementary strain; lane 2, ΔPoxKu70; lane 3, corresponding deletion mutant strain.