MOESM9 of ALS blood expression profiling identifies new biomarkers, patient subgroups, and evidence for neutrophilia and hypoxia

Additional file 9. Signature gene expression in 12 cell types. (A) Erythroid lineage. (B) Platelets. (C) CD4 + T cells. (D) NK cells. (E) CD8 + T cells. (F) B cells. (G) Macrophages. (H) Monocytes. (I) Dendritic cells. (J) Neutrophils. (K) Eosinophils. (L) Gamma-delta T cells. In (A)–(L), expression is shown for the 100 signature genes identified for each cell type. Boxes outline average expression among samples for the middle 50% of signature genes (midline: median expression). Median expression for each cell type is listed in the top margin. Relative gene expression is normalized to an average value of 1 across the 12 cell types.