MOESM8 of Molecular regionalization in the compact brain of the meiofaunal annelid Dinophilus gyrociliatus (Dinophilidae)

Additional file 8. Phylogenetic analysis of Dg-nk2.1 and Dg-nk2.2. Phylogenetic tree of the NK-homeobox genes with emphasis on the genes used in this study (which are highlighted in the tree), supporting their orthology assignments. Protein alignments were made using MUSCLE [67] and Bayesian phylogenetic analysis was performed using MrBayes [68], with settings according to [22]. Each analysis was run for 30,000,000 generations sampled every 1000 generations in four runs. A consensus tree and posterior probabilities for each branch were calculated prior to visualization of the tree with FigTree and edition in Adobe Illustrator 2015CC. All sequences used are listed in Additional file 1.