MOESM7 of Recapitulation of gametic DNA methylation and its post-fertilization maintenance with reassembled DNA elements at the mouse Igf2/H19 locus

Additional file 7: Figure S7. Generation of LCb/LCb118 knock-in mice. (A) Targeting strategy at the H19 locus. Maps of the wild-type allele, the targeting vectors with the LCb or LCb118 fragment replaced by the H19 ICR, the correctly targeted mutant alleles (endo-LCb and endo-LCb118) are shown from top to bottom. The triangles are the loxP sequences. Probes used for Southern blot analyses in (B) and (C) are shown as filled rectangles. The positions of restriction enzyme sites and expected restriction enzyme fragments with their sizes in each allele are shown nearby. (B, C) Following digestion with PstI and separation on agarose gels, genomic DNA from ES clones (B) and mutant mouse tails (C) on Southern blots were hybridized to one of the three probes, 5′EX, L63, or 3′EX.