MOESM7 of Deficiency of Gankyrin in the small intestine is associated with augmented colitis accompanied by altered bacterial composition of intestinal microbiota

Additional file 7: Figure S7. Principal coordinate analysis of (A) unweighted UniFrac distance and (B) weighted UniFrac distance between all samples, including samples from cohouse mice, based on bacterial operational taxonomic units (OTUs). The color codes for the samples are, light blue: co-housed colitis-induced Gankyrinf/f control mice, pink: co-housed colitis-induced Villin-Cre;Gankyrinf/f mice, green: colitis non-induced Gankyrinf/f control mice, orange: colitis non-induced Villin-Cre;Gankyrinf/f mice, blue: colitis-induced Gankyrinf/f control mice, red: colitis-induced Villin-Cre;Gankyrinf/f mice.