MOESM7 of DUF3669, a “domain of unknown function” within ZNF746 and ZNF777, oligomerizes and contributes to transcriptional repression

Additional file 7. Analysis of stable HEK293 cell lines expressing GST alone or GST-Z746a/1–279 Western blot analysis of total protein extracts from six clones that survived under the selection of hygromycin B (2 express GST and 4 express GST-Z746a/1–279) alongside extracts from parent cell line Flp-in T-REx-239 cells (negative control) and transiently transfected parent cells expressing GST or GST-Z746a/1–279 (positive controls). Extracts made with 1x SDS sample buffer after a 24-h induction of expression with 2 μg/ml tetracycline. The blot was probed with anti-GST (depicted in the upper part) and anti-GAPDH (lower part) antibodies. Protein bands of the expected size are indicated by arrows. * indicates unspecific bands recognized by the antibodies.