MOESM7 of Avian Tembusu virus infection effectively triggers host innate immune response through MDA5 and TLR3-dependent signaling pathways

Additional file 7 IRF3, IRF7 and NF-κB activation are required for efficient expression of IFN induced by ATMUV. A and B. IRF3, IRF7 knockdown 293T cell lines or luciferase control were infected with or without ATMUV for 36 h. RT-PCR were performed to measure the interference efficiency of IRF3, IRF7 and the production of IFN-β, IL-28A/B and IL-29. C. 293T cells were treated with BAY11-7082 (5 µM) or DMSO for 3 h, followed by ATMUV infection for 36 h. The cells were harvested and the mRNA levels of IFN-β, IL-28A/B and IL-29 were analyzed by RT-PCR.