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MOESM6 of flowEMMi: an automated model-based clustering tool for microbial cytometric data

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posted on 10.12.2019, 05:08 by Joachim Ludwig, Christian zu Siederdissen, Zishu Liu, Peter Stadler, Susann Müller
Additional file 6 Clustering results for sample InTH_160729_027 using flowEMMi with 10 congruent cell clusters and 66.4% foreground cells (a) and manual clustering performed by 5 expert users using FlowJo (b-f). User 1 selected 6 cell clusters with 69.5% foreground cells (b). User 2 selected 14 cell clusters with 87% foreground cells (c). User 3 selected 6 cell clusters with 69.9% foreground cells (d). User 4 selected 11 cell clusters with 93.7% foreground cells (e). User 5 selected 12 cell clusters with 93% foreground cells (f). The label of the clusters selected by using FlowJo is in accordance with the colours of the clusters calculated by flowEMMi. The mean values and abundances of all cell clusters calculated by flowEMMi and FlowJo can be found in the additional file 027.csv.