MOESM6 of Plasmodium falciparum parasite population structure and gene flow associated to anti-malarial drugs resistance in Cambodia

Additional file 6. Major features of the Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms selected for LUMINEX assay. A set 11 SNPs (highlighted in grey) has been selected from 24 SNPs validated by Daniels et al. [11]. NRAF value from three geographic areas and the global NRAF were recovered from MalariaGEN v4.0. Genome position was evaluated according to genome version 3. Subtelomere were identified based on gene composition. Valid SNPs are highlighted in grey. Frequency of valid alleles was calculated based on the data mentioned in Additional file 3. SNP ID is the column “Position” preceded by the tag “Pf3D7_[01-14]_v3:” in MalariaGEN and by the tag “NGS_SNP.Pf3D7_[01-14]_v3.” in PlasmoDB.