MOESM6 of Tri-methylation of ATF7IP by G9a/GLP recruits the chromodomain protein MPP8

Additional file 6: Fig. S4. Representative SPR sensorgram (left) and affinity curves (right) of human G9a binding to immobilized human histone H3, ATF7IP and LIG1 peptide. G9a was injected over the sensor chip immobilized with (A) unmodified H3, (B) H3K9me1, (C) H3K9me2, (D) H3K9me3, (E) unmodified ATF7IP, (F) ATF7IP K16me1, (G) ATF7IP K16me2, (H) ATF7IP K16me3, (I) unmodified LIG1, (J) LIG1 K126me1, (K) LIG1 K126me2, and (L) LIG1 K126me3 peptides (related to Fig. 4).