MOESM6 of Transcriptome analysis of the effect of C-C chemokine receptor 5 deficiency on cell response to Toxoplasma gondii in brain cells

Additional file 6: Figure S3. Gene expression in the brain of T. gondii-infected mice. Genes with no significant interactions between mouse genotype and infection in a two-way ANOVA are shown. Each symbol represents the data point for one mouse, and the bars represent the mean value for all the group data points. A, 30 dpi (uninfected wild-type mice (WT), n = 4; uninfected CCR5-deficient mice (CCR5KO), n = 4; infected WT, n = 5; infected CCR5KO, n = 5); B, 7 dpi (uninfected WT, n = 3; uninfected CCR5KO, n = 3, infected WT, n = 5; infected CCR5KO, n = 7). (TIF 970 kb)