MOESM6 of Nanobodies targeting conserved epitopes on the major outer membrane protein of Campylobacter as potential tools for control of Campylobacter colonization

Additional file 6. Alignment of amino acid sequences of the MOMP-encoding porA -gene. The porA gene of the C. jejuni and C. coli isolates (Table 1) was amplified using PCR and aligned, using C. jejuni KC40 as a reference strain, to identify conserved regions. The PCR was performed with the primers F3 (5′-ATGAAACTAGTTAAACTTAGTTTA-3′) and R3 (5′-GAATTTGTAAAGAGCTTGAAG-3′). External loops are labelled from L1 to L7 and β-strands are underlined, based on the MOMP structure determined by Ferrara et al. [39]. Loops L3 and L6 are the most conserved in sequence and number of amino acids.