MOESM6 of MiR-182-5p and its target HOXA9 in non-small cell lung cancer: a clinical and in-silico exploration with the combination of RT-qPCR, miRNA-seq and miRNA-chip

Additional file 6: Figure S6. ROC curves for distinguishing power of miR-182-5p in NSCLC based on data from 16 miRNA-chips. AUC: area under curves. An AUC value ranging from 0.1–1 indicated the increasing distinguishing effect of miR-182-5p in NSCLC. A: GSE16512; B: GSE17681; C: GSE27486; D: GSE31568; E: GSE40738; F: GSE46729; G: GSE61741; H: GSE68951; I: GSE14936; J: GSE15008; K: GSE19945; L: GSE47525; M: GSE48414; N: GSE51853; O: GSE74190; P: GSE29248.