MOESM6 of A novel resveratrol derivative induces mitotic arrest, centrosome fragmentation and cancer cell death by inhibiting γ-tubulin

Additional file 6: Figure S6. Chemical structure of the intermediate and final products of the synthesis of 3,5,4′-TMS and 3,4,4′-TMS. 3,5,4′-TMS (5a) and 3,4,4′-TMS (5b) were synthetized by the classical synthesis of olefins using Wittig reaction with a slight modification. The ylide was generated by LiOH starting from the phosphonium salt (2). Then, the olefin products were obtained as mixture of cis and trans isomers by reaction with benzaldehydes 3a or 3b. The Z/E mixtures (4) were converted to the E-isomers 5a and 5b by heating with catalytic amounts of iodine in refluxing heptane.