MOESM5 of p66ShcA functions as a contextual promoter of breast cancer metastasis

Additional file 5: Figure S5. p66ShcA does not alter the mesenchymal properties of 4T1-derived triple negative breast cancers. (A) Immunoblot analysis of whole cell lysates isolated from 4T1-537 parental, p66-CR (VC), p66-CR (WT) and p66-CR (S36A) mammary tumors (n = 18 each) using ShcA-, E-Cadherin, Vimentin and Tubulin-specific antibodies. (B-D) Densitometric quantification of mammary tumors shown in panel A for the (B) p66ShcA/Tubulin, (C) p66ShcA/p52ShcA, (D) E-Cadherin/Tubulin and (E) Vimentin/Tubulin ratios. The data is normalized to the parental 4T1-537 tumors.