MOESM5 of Posterior eyespots in larval chitons have a molecular identity similar to anterior cerebral eyes in other bilaterians

Additional file 5: Figure S3. Expression of genes involved in PRC development, opsin transport and pigment cell markers. Column 1-2: single labelling of gene X. Column 3-5: double labelling of gene X (cyan) and Las-r-opsin (magenta) in the anterior, posttrochal eye and posterior region. (A1-5) Expression of Las-klf in all PRCs (A1). (B1-5) Expression of Las-prox in all PRCs, as well as in the longitudinal nerve cords (B1). (C1-5) Expression of Rab 11 interacting protein (Las-rip11) in all PRCs. (D1, 3-5) Expression of Las-sp6/9 in all PRCs. (E + F 1-5) Expression of Las-tyrosinase A + B in all PRCs. (Scalebars: 100 μm in column 1; 50 μm in column 2; 5 μm in columns 3-5).