MOESM5 of Overexpression of a Domain of Unknown Function 266-containing protein results in high cellulose content, reduced recalcitrance, and enhanced plant growth in the bioenergy crop Populus

Additional file 5. Amino acid alignment of DUF266 proteins from 10 different species by using MUSCLE. A total of 187 DUF266 proteins were identified from 10 plant species including moss (P. patens), lycophyte (S. moellendorffii), rice (O. sativa), corn (Z. mays), soybean (G. max), Amborella (A. thrichopoda), grape (V. vinifera), Eucalyptus (E. grandis), Populus (P. trichocarpa) and Arabidopsis (A. thaliana). Shown is amino acid sequence alignment of 169 DUF266 proteins excluding those with <300aa or >500aa in length. The DUF266 domain is shown in blue box. Proteins with extra amino acid sequences or lacking N-terminal sequences are marked by arrows (Red arrows: with extra amino acids; blue arrows, lacking N-terminal sequences; green arrows, lacking C-terminal sequences within the DUF266 domain). Four corn DUF266 proteins having longer N-terminal sequences than others are indicated by purple arrows.