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MOESM5 of Elongation during segmentation shows axial variability, low mitotic rates, and synchronized cell cycle domains in the crustacean, Thamnocephalus platyurus

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posted on 19.01.2020 by Savvas Constantinou, Nicole Duan, Lisa Nagy, Ariel Chipman, Terri Williams
Additional file 5. Tagma level differences in Thamnocephalus morphometric measurements. Tagma level differences (including pre- and post-molt thoracic ‘tagma’ identified from PCA; see Fig. 4) are shown for body length (A), growth zone length (B) and area (C), the width of the newly added En stripe (D), last segment length (E) and area (F). All comparisons are significantly different (Tukey’s HSD; p < 0.05) unless otherwise notated with “NS”. The y-axes are measured in mm. Thor Pre = thoracic pre-molt; Thor Post = thoracic post-molt.


United States - Israel Binational Science Foundation