MOESM5 of Characteristics of tiger moth (Erebidae: Arctiinae) anti-bat sounds can be predicted from tymbal morphology

2019-12-11T10:43:46Z (GMT) by Nicolas Dowdy William Conner
Additional file 5: Contrast matrix for Model 9. The modeled relationship between click rate and microtymbal count clusters into 3 significantly different groups: Eupseudosomoids, Callimorphoids, and all other clades. Apart from the Cisthenoid clade, all clades were found to have a significantly positive relationship between microtymbal count and click rate. The significance and the magnitude of the slope differences are relative to the unlisted clade for each contrast column. Overall, Model 9 accounts for CR well (Adj. R2 = 0.79), while only requiring 2 factors to be measured (i.e., MT and CLADE).