MOESM5 of Bacterial superglue enables easy development of efficient virus-like particle based vaccines

Additional file 5: Figure S4. Comparison of the immunogenicity of IL-5 SpyTag-VLP and IL-5 2xSpyTag-VLP vaccines. BALB/c mice were immunized with 5 µg antigen (SpyCatcher-IL-5) mixed with either SpyTag-VLP with 180 binding motifs (n = 4, open squares) or 2xSpyTag-VLP (n = 5, filled circles) with 360 potential binding motifs. Anti-IL-5 IgG titers were determined by standard ELISA using sera obtained two weeks the 3rd immunization. Anti-IL-5 IgG titers were higher in mice immunized with the 2xSpyTag-VLP vaccine (filled circles) compared to the SpyTag-VLP vaccine (open squares). The difference approached statistical significance (P = 0.06, Mann–Whitney Rank Sum test).