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MOESM5 of Association between exposure to traffic-related air pollution and pediatric allergic diseases based on modeled air pollution concentrations and traffic measures in Seoul, Korea: a comparative analysis

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posted on 15.01.2020 by Kyung-Duk Min, Seon-Ju Yi, Hwan-Cheol Kim, Jong-Han Leem, Ho-Jang Kwon, Soyoung Hong, Kyoo Kim, Sun-Young Kim
Additional file 5: Figure S2. Scatter plots between predicted annual-average concentrations of NO2, PM10, or PM2.5 in 2010 and distances to the closest major roads (Yi et al. 2017) at home addresses of 14,614 children in the Seoul Atopy Friendly School Project Survey in Seoul, Korea, for 2010 (red lines for non-linear relationships estimated by locally-weighted smoothing).


National Research Foundation of Korea