MOESM5 of Application of a New Multiplexed Array for Rapid, Sensitive, Simultaneous and Quantitative Assessment of Spliced and Unspliced XBP1

Additional file 5: Figure S4. Loading of Lysate and diluted recombinant protein in Fig. 4 was confirmed by silver staining. Recombinant XBP1 isoforms were diluted in ddH2O before addition of 5X Laemmli buffer. A serial dilution was run alongside unstimulated and 0.5 μM Tg stimulated U937 lysate and silver stained (A). RIPA lysed U937 cells were treated as in (A) and assessed by XBP1 biochip. XBP1s and XBP1u levels expressed as a ratio of XBP1s (pg/mg)/XBP1u (pg/mg). ** p < 0.01 (B).