MOESM4 of Within-population genetic diversity and population structure of Plasmodium knowlesi merozoite surface protein 1 gene from geographically distinct regions of Malaysia and Thailand

Additional file 4. Amino acid alignment of PkMSP1 (A) Domain I, (B) Domain III, (C) Domain V and (D) Domain VII between Thailand (n = 23) and Malaysian (n = 11) isolates. Period and hyphen represents identical amino acids and deletions, respectively. Thailand; AEQ01041-AEQ01055 and AFR68690–AFR68697. Malaysia; deduced amino acids ERR274221, ERR274222, ERR366425, ERR366426, ERR985374, ERR985377, ERR985416, ERR985418, and P_Malaysia_2 along with H-strain (CAQ39354). Others [M] and Others [T] refers to observed sequential variations within Malaysian or Thailand isolates, respectively.