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MOESM4 of The Penicillium chrysogenum transporter PcAraT enables high-affinity, glucose-insensitive l-arabinose transport in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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posted on 13.03.2018 by Jasmine Bracher, Maarten Verhoeven, H. Wisselink, Barbara Crimi, Jeroen Nijland, Arnold Driessen, Paul Klaassen, Antonius van Maris, Jean-Marc Daran, Jack Pronk
Additional file 4. Specific rate of l-arabinose uptake by PcAraT. Uptake experiments were performed with increasing concentrations of [14C-] l-arabinose with the Hxt1-7 and Gal2 deletion strain S. cerevisiae DS68625-PcaraT expressing PcaraT on a centromeric plasmid. No [14C-] d-glucose uptake was observed for this strain. Data are derived from duplicate experiments and shown as the average ¹ mean deviation.


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